Venice Vintage – our ,,walking” boat – attracts a constantly growing interest. While the high season lasts, we decided to take Passito Venice Vintage on a journey to the Southern Europe.

In this post we want to share with you the results of our photo session that took place at the Como Lake in Italy. Our BabyBlue colored boat attracted attention of almost everyone around. The color combination of a beige decorative rope, natural leather upholstery and bimini with the blue hull perfectly fitted into the
surroundings of Como Lake, providing with the result of a vintage look.

The lake situated among the Alps and towns with magnificent architecture encourage you to visit
local attractions and inspire you to look for additional entertainment. Tourists like to take cruises on the lake, enjoying the “water walk” while admiring beautiful views.

During our stay, we not only heard many favorable comments. We also got a chance to talk to
interesting people, who we happily entertained taking on a cruise in our Venice Vintage. We also provided the boat for photoshoot several times to randomly met influencers, impressed by the look of our Venice.

Our work comes from passion. If you are interested in the photo-results of our trip, take a look how Passito Venice Vintage presents itself on the beautiful Lago di Como and the Adriatic Coast.