We are happy to announce our new Passito team project.

The initial stage of our business activity was based on the cooperation with a manufacturer of hulls.

However, our ambitions to constantly improve the product, the collaboration with users of racing motorboats,
their nautical experience and our Clients’ useful inputs, have motivated us to implement significant changes.

We have created our own form, at the same time officially becoming a boats’ manufacturer.
Boats – produced with passion of the PASSITO team.

This makes the Passito Venice stand out from all our boats, and the direct and continuous control of our laminating specialists gives us the comfort of maintaining a stable, high quality product.

Our construction has been fortified:

–    We apply AIREX construction-flotation foam

–    Additional materials increasing the ship’s displacement

–    Stronger aft part– transom

–    An additional feature that distinguishes this design from the previous one is the                   longitudinal reinforcement of the hull

All these features together take the issue of operational safety to the next level.

The big change is that the steering console has been moved to the rear of the stern of the boat. This makes the helmsman more comfortable while cruising and allows you to sit closer to the steering wheel to improve functionality and comfort when piloting the boat.

Additional significant enhancements include:

–    Place prepared in the front for a chemical toilet

–    Control console expansion as a larger storage compartment or a place for a refrigerator

–    Changing the hatch structure and the opening of the helmsman seat made it easier to insert the fuel  tank

–    The shifter has been moved to the left side of the wheelhouse

–     Large inspection hatch in the helm part

–     A second luggage hatch at the front of the helm compartment

All these features contribute to better ergonomics.

Taking into consideration all the new features implemented during the creation of the new project, it is currently our number one, so we invite you to take look at the visual part of our presentation, where all the changes that distinguish it from the previous version have been taken into account. We strive to make Passito boats what a connoisseur of beauty and uniqueness is looking for.

Our guiding values and passion for boats can be seen from the first sight. Passito Venice is a place where we try to make aesthetics meet elegance and greet you with its vintage details.

Each unit is prepared using the “hand made” method, maintaining healthy principles of interpersonal cooperation.

Come in and let Passito Venice make you feel special.